Zagros Trekking and Iran nomads life style Gallery

zagros trekking , A dream trip to the most remote mountains in Iran and live with the local people of Zagros , zagros trekking  is one of the most exciting trips in the land of Iran, a journey that can be called the trip to the past and the history of Iran, which brings you to the depths of Iran’s culture and nature.

In parts of Zagros, people still live in thousands of years ago. Hardworking and very kind and hospitable people. they do their best for their guests they offer the best food that they have to their guest , they will surprise you!

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zagross trekking

zagross trekking , iran nomads life style


Iran ski resorts

Skiing in Iran began in the 1930s was initially the only rich people of this sport. But now this sport has expanded in Iran and there are many ski tracks throughout Iran. There are around 19 ski resorts across the country, and the potential for ski touring is virtually limitless!

Ski resorts in Iran

Let’s start with the superlatives:

  • The Biggest :Dizin(international ski resort)
  • The Most modern : Darbandsar
  • The Oldest :Ab-e-Ali(more than60 years ago)
  • The Highest : Touchal (3800m)