Why Mount Damavand trekking is attractive?

Damavnad trekking: These images are taken in one of the most popular ecotourism destinations in Iran . for sure Mount Damavand trekking is the most attraction of Iran because of many reason such as: Damavand is about 5671 meters height , highest peak in Iran and also highest volcano in Asia. mount Damavand is also 12th prominent peak in the word.

More about Mount Damavand

Damavand Peak is one of the most important symbols of Iran. Height and cone shape of this summit have a special beauty and has made it one of the most attractive mountains the world. you can ascend Damavand from different route (the most popular route: North , west , north-east and south ridges) by the easiest and the most safe route is South ridge .these photo all taken in south ridge .

Iran trekking tour packages on Mount Damavand
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Damavand’s southern face in June and its famous red flowers , Damavand trekking 

Damavand trekking , First camp of Damavand southern face (Saheb alzamn mosque) 3000m

Damavand’s southern face

First camp of Damavand southern face (Saheb alzamn mosque) 3000m

start point of trekking rout of Damavand with my nice client from Switzerland and Austria and also my Father

Damavand second Camp(bargah3) with French group

Damavand trekking , Last step of Damavand , 5500meters , you can see the biggest smoke spring of Damavand

at 5400 meters of Damavand

on top of Damavand with French group 

Damavand hut with French skiers

Reyneh guest house 

Photography of Damavand

By traveling to Iran and climbing Mount Damavand , in addition to climbing a peak of 5000 meters and the highest volcano in Asia. you have the opportunity to look the beautiful and exciting landscapes and take very nice photo. also better than above photo!
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