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indeed Damavand volcano is a majestic stratovolcano which is located 70 km NE of Tehran and 70 km south of the Caspian Sea. also Mt Damavand is the highest peak in the Middle East as well as the highest volcanic peak in Asia .

Damavand last eruption was about 7,300 years ago. There are no historical eruptions, but fumaroles at the summit crater indicate that the volcano is still active.


Firstly we should say that Damavand Volcano is in the middle of Alborz Mountains.
secondly It is a massive stratovolcano with a volume of about 400 cubic kilometers .moreover it consists of a younger cone that was constructed during the past 600,000 years above an older, 1.78 million years old edifice, remnants of which were previously thought to be part of a caldera.
Damavand volcano has only few flank vents. Most activity come from the summit crater, which has erupted a series of radial lava flows, mostly of trachyandesite composition. Most eruptions of Damavand peak were effusive, and there are only one significant explosive deposit , a welded ignimbrite that is about 280,000 years old.
The latest activity occurred about 7300 years ago and produced lava flows from the summit crater that cover the western flank.

The summit crater of Damavand volcano

Volcanologist from Geneva climbed Damavand on 12 July 1993 and 1 August 1999. They observed a small and powerful fumarolic vent on the S rim of the crater, which emitted SO2-rich gases at a temperature of about 50°C.
Sulfur deposits were present on the surrounding slopes. The summit crater itself was about 150 m wide and 20 m deep

it contained about 40-m-diameter frozen lake in the bottom .
There is no permanent glacier because the climate is too dry, but there are patches of hardened perennial snow (névés).
Vertical coal deposits are on the N flank below 2,450 m elevation and the  thicknesses were about  tens of meters. Above 4,000 m elevation there are huge blocks  that probably had fallen and rolled down from 1 km above. Just below the summit also there are large sulfur-bearing blocks . Within about 100 m of the N rim of the summit blocks of pure sulfur were found.

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(Source: GVP / Smithsonian monthly reports)

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