Mount Damavand ski is one of the best idea for the ones who wants to do wild ski in Iran ,   Mount Damavand is the highest ski resort of Iran with very nice slopes without danger of avalanche and very safe.

top of Mount damavand

you can visit our damavand ski tour here.

for acclimatization there are many 4000 meters peaks around Damavand than the best option is skiing in lasem.

the best season for skiing in Damavand is March , April and May. you can access to this amazing mountain by 2 hours driving from Tehran , capital of Iran. if you want to know more about mount Damavand ski tour you can contact us.

 Damavand , camp1 , 3000 meters

camp1 , 3000 meters

you can find our tours for skiing in Damavand here:

7 days Damavand ski tour

8 days lasem and Damavand ski tour

we suggest you to do skiing in  Damavand with a professional skiing guide and in Iran we have many good skiing guide for it.

mount Damavand ski could be a good training for high altitude mountains for the ones who have a plan for them because you can do skiing from 5600 meters hight.