Ski touring zagros: there are two main mountain ranges in Iran : Alborz in the north of country and Zagros , a huge mountain range consists of hundreds 4000 meters peaks from north west to south east of Iran plateau , the easiest access area of Zagros is located in south west of Isfahan i Zardkuh massif near Chelgerd with many nice slopes for ski mountaineering.

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Every winter it snows heavily. Because of that, most of the peaks remain snowy during the year, turning this place into a ski touring paradise!

Best peaks for ski touring zagros:

The Zardkouh massif is a group of more than 4000 meters peaks that highest one is Kolunchin(4221m) other main mountains : Dozardeh(4000m) , Shah e Shahidan(4150m),  Ab sefid(3720m).

Culture attractions of Zagros: 

The nomadic lifestyle is still present in these mountains. You can find goats and sheeps , as well as families (including Bakthyaris) that accompany them. In winter they all descend to the lower valleys.

ski touring zagros

The best time

the best time for ski touring zagros is from February to April . if you want to do ski touring zagros the best way is to flight to Isfahan then by 3 hours driving you can reach to Chelgerd , there are some nice hotels and also local house that you can adopt for inhabitant. there are also a ski resort in Chelgerd.

Bakhtiary tribes live in Zagros mountains since thousand years ago and these people are very friendly people and one of the highlights of this are is these nice people.

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