Qeshm Island Trekking (8 days)

PLocated in the Persian Gulf, a string of intimate islands unknown to tourism, however, contains geological treasures classified by Unesco. Qeshm, for example, is home to a geopark with rugged landscapes including the Chah Kooh Canyon, the Star Valleys, the Salt Dome or even the largest salt cave in the world. The islands of Hormuz and Hengam, home to beautiful rocky shores, some beaches and fishing villages … A surprising discovery and “summer” while the mountains of the country are still under the snow!


“An exclusive trip on forgotten islands in the Persian Gulf!
The incredible geology of Qeshm Island (Star Valley, Namak Cave, Shahkooh Canyon …).”

“Day 1:Arrival Tehran. Day 2: Tehran, flight to Qeshm Island, Shib Deraz. Day 3: boat trip and discovery of Hengam Island. Day 4: North coast of the island, Hara reserve and Chahkooh canyon. Day 5: crossing the salt dome from north to south of the island. Day 6: transfers towards Salakh to join Qeshm City, the capital of the island. Day 7: crossing and discovering the island of Hormuz. Day 8: visit the village of Borka Khalaf, flight to Tehran”

Off the Persian Gulf, this string of islands ignored by tourism still contains geological treasures classified by Unesco. Qeshm is home to a geopark with rugged landscapes such as the Chah Kooh Canyon, the Star Valleys, the Salt Dome or the largest salt cave in the world. The islands of Hormuz and Hengam, they offer beautiful rocky shores, some beaches and fishing villages … A surprising discovery and “summer” while the mountains of the country are still under the snow!

Day by day

Day 1:Arrival Tehran

Flight to Tehran. Reception, transfer and installation at the hotel in Tehran.

Day 2 / Tehran – Qeshm Island – Shib Deraz

After a good breakfast, and following the departure time of our flight, possible discovery of the Grand Bazaar, always very active. Then domestic flight to the island of Qeshm which is located more than 1000 kilometers to the south, the opportunity for us to spend snowy peaks around Tehran in the summer! Upon arrival, transfer to the nearby Shib Deraz beach where turtles sometimes come to nest at night between March and April. Installation of our camp. Dinner and overnight in tents.

Qeshm Geopark
Created in 2006 by UNESCO, the Qeshm Geopark covers about 30,000 hectares and owes its reputation to various amazing geological formations such as the Chah Kook Canyon, the Star Valley, the Salt Dome, Namak Cave and the Valley of the Statues. All these sites are very small in area, at most a few square kilometers, but they remain nonetheless spectacular and very aesthetic. The Geopark also has a rich history and some archaeological sites.

Day 3 / Shib Deraz – Hengam Island – Shib Deraz

At sunrise, walk to the port and short boat trip to the small neighboring island of Hengam, about a kilometer away. We climb a small plateau east of the island, overlooking the Persian Gulf. Many gazelles populate this wild place. We descend to a small point above the sea and back to our starting point hoping to see some sea turtles that frequent this rocky coast. Picnic at a fisherman’s village or in a small traditional restaurant. Before resuming the boat and depending on the tide time, stroll on the west coast. Swimming enthusiasts can if they wish to stay on the beach. Return to our camp after the sea crossing. Dinner and overnight in camp on the beach.
walking time: 3 to 4 hrs
Accommodation: Tent

Day 4 / Shib Deraz – Tabl – Chahkooh

We leave the south for the north coast of the island and reach the village of Tabl, about thirty kilometers. A short break near the incredible mangrove of the Hara Reserve, then a more important stop to visit one of the small dhow sites to Guran. Ten kilometers further, we take the direction of the mountains and set up camp near the starting point of Chahkooh Canyon. After the picnic, our hike takes us to a small gorge before taking a little height in fractured and cracked terrain on all sides. Back to our camp at sunset. Dinner and overnight in tents.
walking time: 3 to 4 hrs
Accommodation: Tent

Day 5 / Chahkooh – Dulab – Namak Doom – Namak Cave

Early departure for the crossing of the salt dome, from north to south of the island. A short transfer of 10 kilometers takes us to Dulab. We go up a vast plateau that seems to close the horizon and arrive at the edge of a magnificent mineral wall, witness of a vast dome of salt collapsed. The rock changes, becomes white and vitreous because of its composition based on sodium chloride! A few valleys and here we are in an amazing vegetable oasis, we are in Bokho. Picnic in the grass in the shade of trees. A wild canyon leads us to a surprising cave of salt that we will cross (we do not explore all the cavities of the Namak salt cave, this is caving with all the equipment used). A last small salt passage allows us to arrive on the southern slope of the island of Qeshm. Installation of our camp on the beach. Dinner and overnight in tents.
walking time: 6 to 7 hrs
Accommodation: Tent

Day 6 / Namak – Salakh – Shib Deraz – Qeshm City

We leave quietly by vehicle on the track towards Salakh to the east following the beautiful sedimentary reliefs. The last kilometers, on foot on the shore, we arrive at the village where we picnic on the sand. Then, passing by Shib Deraz, we take the direction of Qeshm city, the capital of the island, on the eastern side. We make a stop at the tourist site of Kharbas Cave, ancient troglodyte caves at the gates of the city. Then, at the end of the day, arrive at our accommodation in Qeshm City. Dinner and overnight in hotel.
walking time: 2 to 3 hrs
Accommodation: Hotel

Day 7 / Qeshm City – Hormuz Island – Qeshm City

Early in the morning, we take the boat to the island of Hormuz which gives its name to the Persian Gulf Strait. On arrival, small motorized taxis allow us to reach the beach and the land of Couleurs, two very beautiful geological sites. The shape and colors of the reliefs are surprising, however the paths are quickly delicate and we can be led to follow a piece of the road that bypasses the island. We finish our walk in the Valley of the Statues before returning to the port with our scooters. Optional visit of the Portuguese castle. Back to Qeshm and end of free day before dinner.
walking time: 4 to 5 hrs
Accommodation: Hotel

Day 8 / Qeshm City – Borka Khalaf – Valley of Stars – Tehran

Quiet morning and transfer to the preserved village of Borka Khalaf. This is an opportunity to see water tanks, irrigation canals, local plantations before arriving at the Valley of Stars, where we make a beautiful loop to discover this important site of the Geopark. A legend tells of the meteorites falling down here to justify these fairy chimneys and other clusters of detrital rocks. Then we take our vehicle which leads us to Shib Deraz. Possible break on the beach before reaching the airport. End of the day flight to Tehran. Return flight
walking time: 2 hrs

Your budget

The price includes

4×4 vehicles in the mountains and private minibus for other road transfers.
In town: 3-star hotel, local standards, double room basis.
In the mountains: in a simple hostel or at the inhabitant, in summary refuge or tent three places for two people, mattress provided.
In the city, in the villages and oases: meals taken in the restaurant.
During the camps: hearty and varied meals prepared by the local team. the cook brings a special care to meals and will amaze you with the quality of its dishes.
In the morning: very substantial breakfast.
At noon: cold picnic.
In the evening: hot meal.
Drinks: as a precaution, in Iran, it is better to treat the water. Teas and infusions are served during the day.
Baggage transport
Each participant travels on foot with a light backpack containing personal items needed for the (half) day (water bottle, camera, protective clothing, etc.). The remaining luggage, available in the evening at the hotel or camp, is transported by vehicle.
Full board for the whole trip
Supervision by a high-altitude mountain guide.
Supervision by an Iranian-speaking or English-speaking -guide.
The assistance of the local team (drivers, cook).
Camping equipment (sleeping tents, foam mattresses) and cooking.
Entrances to the monuments and museums planned for the program and Permit fees for Damavand

The price does not include

Airport taxes from Europe.
The Paris-Tehran flight to and from economy class.
Cancellation insurance / interruption of stay / loss of luggage and assistance
Visa fees
All that is not indicated under the heading “The price includes”.