Damavnd and Zagros ski tour - 15 Days

Damavand – Zagros ski tour : On this trip , first of all you will have an unique experience of skiing in two important mountain ranges of Iran : Zagros and Alborz, as well as skiing in the highest peaks of Iran and also you will climb the highest volcano in Asia.

Our journey begins from Zagros Mountains near Isfahan , and then the 4,000-meter-high peaks of the Laşm region, and finally, with the ascent and descent of the 5610-meter peak of Damavand .

Mount Damavand and Zagros ski tour , Skiing on roof of Iran and highest volcano in Asia, mount Damavand, at 5,671 meters.
Gradual acclimatization to altitude with the  ascent of two “4000” before the Damavand.

Skiing in Zagros mountains range(could be paradise of ski-touring in Iran)

  • Day1 : Isfahan-Chelgerd
  • Day2 : Dozardeh(4000m)
  • Day3 :Kolunchin(4221m)
  • Day4: Shah e Shahidan(4150m)
  • Day5: Ab sefid(3720m)/
  • Day6 : Arrival Tehran
  • Day7 : Lasem(2500m)
  • Day 8 : Changiz Chal (4000m)
  • Day 9 : Eingemar(4050m)
  • Day 10 : Doberar (4080m)-Reyneh(2400m)
  • Day 11:  Bargah3 ( 4260 m)
  • Day 12: Acclimatization
  • Day 13: summit (5671 m) – Bargah3
  • Day 14:Bargah3-Rineh
  • Day 15 :  Rineh – Tehran

Day 1
Day1 : Isfahan-Chelgerd(2400m)

Flight to Isfahan then transfer to chelgerd (185km) as well skiing around Chelgerd

Transfer : about 3 hours

Ski climb, descend and time (+600m / -600m / around 5h)

Accommodation: local house

Day 2
Day2 : Chelgerd-Kouhrang(3000m)-Dozardeh(4000m)

After having breakfast we have about1 hour driving to kouhrang (3000m) and then we start our Skiing to Dozardeh mountain which is about 4000 meters height.

Transfer :about 1 hour

Ski climb, descend and time (+1000m / -1000m / around 11h)

Accommodation: local house

Day 3
Day3 : Chelgerd-Kouhrang(3000m)-Kolunchin(4221m)

Early in the morning and after having a special nice breakfast we Transfer to kouhrang(1 hour) and skiing on Kolunchin mountains(4221m) which is the most popular and also the highest peaks in area.

Transfer : about 1 hour

Ski climb, descend and time (+1221m / -1221m / around 8h)

Accommodation: local house

Day 4
Day4 : Chelgerd-Shah e Shahidan(4150m)

This day we will do skiing on another high mountain in area whose name is Shah e Shahidan (4150m)

Transfer : about 0.5 hour

Ski climb, descend and time (+1350m / -1350m / around 9h)

Accommodation: local house

Day 5
Day5: Chelgerd- Skiing on Ab sefid(3720m)

We do Skiing on our last peak on Zagros whose name is Ab sefid that is 3720 meters height

Transfer :about 0.5 hour

Ski climb, descend and time (+1100m / -11000m / around 8h)

Accommodation: local house

Day 6
Day6 : Arrival TehranFinally

Finally we finish our trip on Zagros and after breakfast we pack up and Drive to Tehran and installation at the hotel

Transfer :about 8 hours

Accommodation: Hotel

Day 7
Day7 :Tehran – Lasem(2500m)

Drive by 4wd cars to the heart of Alborz, in the village of Lasem. We are at the foot of the Doberar range, where the peaks of more than 4,000 meters are blooming.

Transfer: about 3 hours.

Ski climb, descend and time (+500m / -5000m / around 4h)

Accommodation: local house

Day 8
Day 8 : Changiz Chal (4000m)

It is therefore to one of these “4000” that we lead our spatulas: Changiz Chal. First conversions … and soon first Iranian curves.

Ski climb, descend and time (+1500m / -1500m / around 8h)

Accommodation: local house

Day 9
Day 9 : Eingemar(4050m)

Another summit of the Doberar range, Eingemar, continue our preparation for the ascent of Damavand.

Ski climb, descend and time (+1450m / -1450m / around 8h)

Accommodation: local house

Day 10
Day 10 : Doberar (4080m)-Reyneh(2400m)

we ski on Another summit of the Doberar range, Doberar, completes our preparation for the ascent of Damavand. transfer to the village of Reineh (2300 m), hung on the flanks of the coveted volcano.

Transfer: about 1 hour

Ski climb, descend and time (+1480m / -1480m / around 7h)

Accommodation: local house

Day 11
Day 11: Reyneh-Bargah3 at 4260 m.

We transfer by car toward first camp(gosfandsara) , this camp located on3000 meters , we drive upto about 2700 meters (depend on the snow condition) then ascending by ski on snow upto camp2(bargah3) and stay in Hut(a big building with beds , kitchen and toilet)

Transfer: about 45min

Ski climb, descend and time (+1550m / 0 / around 6h)

Accommodation: Hut

Day 12
Day 12: Acclimatization up 4800m

In this day we do last acclimatization for ascending Damavand , in case we can also ascend the summit in this day.

Ski climb, descend and time (+540m / -540m / around 6h)

Accommodation: Hut

Day 13
Day 13: summit (5671 m) – Bargah3

We start our ascending on snow slopes toward summit , early in the morning , we can do ski touring upto about 5600m eters then we walk to summit and then we ski down to Bargah3

Ski climb, descend and time (+1400m / -1400m / around 10h)

Accommodation: Hut

Day 14
Day 14:Bargah3-Reyneh

we ski toward camp1 and then transfer by car to reyneh / in case of bad weather or any other problem , this day is also reserve day for Damavand

Ski climb, descend and time (0 / -1550m / around 2h)

Accommodation: Local house

Day 15
Day 15 : Reyineh – Tehran

After breakfast we Transfer to Tehran , in case of bad weather this day could be as reserve day of Damavand

The best time for this program is beginning of April to middle of May , if you want to do skiing in february and march , Zagros mountain range is a better choise .

Group Size 2 3-5 6-9 10-12 13-15
Price per person 1280 € 1200 € 1100 € 1000 € 920 €

The price includes

  • Travel
  • 4×4 vehicles in the mountains and private minibus for other road transfers.
  • Accommodation
  • – In town: 3-star hotel, local standards, double room basis.
  • – In the mountains of Alborz (Damavand): in a simple hostel or at the inhabitant, in summary refuge or tent three places for two people, mattress provided.
  • Meals
  • – In the city meals taken in the restaurant.
  • – In the mountains: hearty and varied meals prepared by the local team. The cook brings a special care to meals and will amaze you with the quality of its dishes.
  • • In the morning: very substantial breakfast.
  • • In the evening: hot meal.
  • Drinks: as a precaution, in Iran, it is better to treat the water. Tea and infusions are served during the day.
  • Baggage transport
  • Damavand : the porters carry individual (10kg per person) and group equipment up to Hut and back.
  • Lasem and Chelgerd (Zagros ski tour): we carry every thing by car to guest house
  • Other climbs: only your business of the day.
  • Possibility to leave some of your belongings at the hotel in Tehran and recover them at the end of the stay.
  • Full board for the whole trip
  • Supervision by a high-altitude mountain guide.
  • Supervision by an Iranian-speaking or English-speaking -guide.
  • The assistance of the local team (drivers, cook).
  • Camping equipment (sleeping tents, foam mattresses) and cooking.
  • Entrances to the monuments and museums planned for the program and Permit fees for Damavand

The price does not include

  • Airport taxes from Europe.
  • The flight to and from Tehran
  • Cancellation insurance / interruption of stay / loss of luggage and assistance
  • Visa fees / visa support
  • All that is not indicated under the heading “The price includes”.

All skiing Equipment(no possibility for renting ski mountaineering equipment in Iran)


Warm hat

Light and heavy gloves

Light and heavy socks

Base and mid layer

Neck gaiter

Waterproof and breathable ski clothes (pant and jacket)

Technical gear:


Crampon(for boots and skies and ice axe

Ski rucksack

Transceiver , shovel and probe

Skis , skins , bindings

Ski boots

Goggles(protective eyewear)

Ski poles


Sleeping bag with comfort level of at least -10

Backpack(40-50 litre)

Trekking boots


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Trip Facts

  • From 920 €
  • 2-15 participants
  • 15 Days
  • 5 out of 5
  • 5610m
  • ITT-S03

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