Zagros Mountains beauties-Lorestan trekking(Iran Trekking)

A collection of Zagros Mountains beauties / from historic lagoons to dreamy waterfalls in Lorestan(Iran Trekking)

Lorestan(is a province among the Zagros Mountains on Iran) has unique waterfalls, 11,000-year-old lagoons, beautiful lakes and lush plains, where you can experience both summer attractions and winter parties.

Lorestan can be called the land of high mountains, roaring rivers and magical waterfalls, dreamy plains, unique lakes, pristine lagoons and oak rainforests, where it has a pure piece of Iranian paradise nature.

Waterfall Bisheh in Zagros
Waterfall Bisheh
Perhaps less than a short distance from the tropical wetlands of Poldokhtar to the Strabank Mountains and the Azna Snow Tunnel, the four-nature nature of Lorestan is an attraction that compels any human being to admire.
Waterfall in Delfan city
Waterfall in Delfan city
Zagros Mountains and Plains in Lorestan can be called the habitat of overturned tulips. To see these beautiful flowers in the vast area, you can travel to the cities of Aligodarz and Dorood
overturned tulips in Zagros
overturned tulips in Zagros

The ancient “Shirz” Valley is located 3 kilometers northeast of the city of Kouhdasht in Lorestan Province, Iran, along the Semireh river.
This breathtaking valley with its pristine and fascinating natural attractions and cotain the fountains and waterfalls and wild fruit trees is one of the most beautiful promenades of western Iran .
It’s a beautiful and exciting route for trekking and surfing.

Shirz Valley in Zagros Mountains
“Shirz” Valley in Zagros Mountain

Gohar Lake is located in the middle of the Astrankuh mountain range in Lorestan province. This lake, known as Negin Ashtarakoh, is one of the most beautiful natural lakes in Iran and is located 2360 meters above sea level.

Gahar Lake in oshtorankooh
Gahar Lake

For see this beautiful and wonderful nature and trekking and surfing in it, if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us or experts’ help and free consultancy services(IRAN FREE TRIP ADVISOR).

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